The need to introduce the Champions Junior Golf Tour(CJGT) to the young golfing populous came from the realisation that children were playing on golf courses which were "TOO LONG" and not specific to their developmental age.

This led them to get frustrated and disappointed with their performances at these golf courses which were ‘TOO LONG’ often leading to using longer/ adult golf equipment to get more distance and in the process completely having negative impact on their golf swing development and causing injury.

Juniors playing in their clubs or competing on the existing Junior competitions in the country, were made to play off the existing adult (ladies, men’s and championship) tees as their course setup did not base the yardages on the distances hit by junior golfers of various stages of development and hence high scores and emotionally dejected junior golfers were the order of the day after a day out on the course or at a tournament venue.

In fact Juniors were being asked to perform on courses with yardage length set up for adults.

This put too much pressure on the kids to perform and often it was leading to negative repercussions (including but not limited to) cheating, burnout and injury in the early years.

Also, as the country was seeing an exponential growth in junior golfers and numerous non members children were taking to the game through various golf training program initiatives across the country. We ended up with a lot of junior golfers who had no access to play at golf courses and the only way to make them compete and get on a course was made possible with our tour.

To address these issues, Champions Junior Golf Tour (CJGT) laid emphasis on the ‘developmental age specific golf course setup’ and the use of ‘junior specific golf equipment’ as a standard depending on the developmental age of the junior golfer.

“Developmental age” specific golf course setup:

The tour places age specific tees out on the course so that the kids in each age group play an appropriate yardage, which allows them to hit the greens in regulation. This will ensure a fair scoring opportunity within their divisions for all players.

This according to us plays a significant part in the development of a top class golfer. In this way we are certain to build their mental approach and strategy to the game in a manner which remains constant as they grow up and physically increase in strength, thereby ensuring that their shot-making and game management skills are developed from the very beginning.

In this manner the interest of the junior golfer was retained and helped them enjoy the game at its fullest.

Also this gave a fair indication of the skill levels of juniors at various stages of their developments.

Talent identification is simplified and actual statistics of students can be maintained and worked upon by coaches to fine tune their skills.