1. IGU CHAMPIONS NZ TOUR - National Tour for Sub Junior (C,D,E) category and Feeder tour for (A,B) category
2. CJGT (Champions Junior Golf Tour) - IGU recognised private tour grooming tour professionally run and managed for juniors to showcase their skills

• The Champions North Zone IGU Tour is open only to those girls/boys who are amateur golfers and hold a NZ Tour Card.
• To obtain a Tour Card (TC) a Junior / Sub Junior golfer needs to register with the Tour Commissioner by providing:
o Proof of age (Birth Certificate / Passport/ certificate from a recognized school)
o 2 passport size photographs
o Pay the yearly Tour Registration Fee of Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only plus 14% service tax).
• It is mandatory to submit a copy of handicap certificate (NHS) at registration for our records. Handicap Certificates from coaches will not be accepted.

Representative from NHS will be available during registration in both events in order to facilitate handicap account creation and subscription. You may make the account and subscription online or during the events. We will allow some grace time for a couple of tournaments for all to streamline the handicap creation process on NHS.

Entries for all Tournaments will close 7 days prior to start of the Tournament unless specified. All players who have submitted entries must register themselves one day prior to the Tournament i.e. on the day of the Practice Round, latest by 12 noon. Players not registering in time may NOT be included in the draw. The entries may be mailed to and should have the following details :-
Name, Date of Birth, Age, Handicap, Home Club, Category of Participation, Contact No(s) and E-mail ID.

Entry Fees

• The Entry Fee per Event in a Zone for the 9 Categorized Events will be Rs 1200/- (8 Events and the Zonal Final)
• A Player in a Zone will have to pay an annual Tour Membership Fee of Rs 2000/- to be eligible to participate in the North Zonal Events.
• Service Tax of 14% extra will be levied w.e.f. 1st June 2015

2. CJGT (Champions Junior Golf Tour) - TOUR MEMBERSHIP

Application Process
Along with your online registration, please print, fill out and mail the Performance Oath, Proof of Age, and the Hold Harmless document to:
Champions Junior Golf Tour, India
B 36 Defence Colony,
Lower ground floor,
New Delhi 110024 INDIA
Email to :
CJGT Tour members will communicate through email to confirm your registration as well as update you as to changes in your application status. A wide variety of services are provided including the ability to view status for each event.
The application process will be complete once the CJGT staff has received the signed Performance Oath, Hold Harmless, and Proof of Age documentation. All applicants will be then reviewed by CJGT staff for confirmation.
Tour Membership is mandatory for participants playing more than one event in the season.