Register For Tournament


Do send your entries to: with the following details:
Date of birth
Home Club (if any)
Handicap (if any)
Mobile phone number
Name of School
Name of Coach

PLEASE EMAIL ENTRIES, within the last date mentioned.

Once you have entered a CJGT tournament, you will receive an email confirming your entry has been received. At this present time players ARE NOT individually notified of tee times.

After the closing date, all paid entrants will be listed for tee times and displayed on the EVENT PAGE against the Events Tee Times and a copy of the draw will be emailed to your registered email a day prior to the event.

(This page will have an entry button with the entry form)
(also this page will have an online registration button linked to bluegolf regd)

Entries are subject to rejection at any time (including during the event) by the CJGT. The reason for rejection may include improper attire and/or unbecoming conduct. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the rules and conditions of play set forth by the CJGT.

In all CJGT events, an event may become official by reverting to the results of an earlier round(s). Eighteen holes may constitute an official event.

Registration for all non-invitational tournaments conducted by the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR will open on announcement of event. Entries will be accepted starting at 12:01 a.m. on that date.

There is no limit to the number of events members can enter.
Registration will close three (3) days prior to the tournament start date. If a player 
wishes to register after the registration deadline has passed, he/she may at the 
discretion of Champion’s Tour staff.

All entries must be submitted through the website and received by the Champions 
Junior Golf Tour within the entry window. However, late entries may be accepted and placed on an alternate’s list to fill spots if they become available. Entries will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by the correct entry fee.

Once the entry deadline has passed, players may be permitted to submit late entries and be added to the alternates list. Late entrants will be contacted by the CJGT Tournament Department if and when they are accepted into the tournament field.

Late entrants will be added to the bottom of the alternates list on a first-come, first- served basis. Exempt players have no priority if their entry is submitted after the entry deadline, however if they get accepted into the tournament an exemption will be considered used.

Players will be notified, via email, of their tournament status (secured a spot in the 
starting field or on the waiting list) no later than 1 day before the start of the tournament. It is the player’s responsibility to log on to the website to check the starting field, write down their tee time, schedule a practice round, and secure hotel reservations.

NOTE: It is imperative that Champion’s Junior Golf Tour has an accurate Email address on file for you to receive these notifications.


It becomes necessary for a player to withdraw from a tournament that they have been accepted to play in, he or she must send an email to CJGT requesting for a withdrawal from the event. Once reviewed by the tournament committee and the withdrawal is accepted, a refund will be issued minus a Rs 250 administrative fee.

If a player withdraws after the entry deadline date or if they No Show to an event, they are NOT entitled to an entry fee refund. The following are the only exceptions:
A player is entitled to a full refund less the administrative fee if he/she:
  1. Qualifies for an IGU/IGULS Junior Tour event over the same dates.

  2. Qualifies for any IGU/IGULS national championship over the same dates.

  3. Qualify for any national/ international competition that is affiliated with the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR.

    (A player is entitled to a refund in all the above cases minus a Rs 250 administrative fee)
  4. If an injury is sustained leading up to the event. Documentation from a doctor is required.
  5. If a player has a death in the family.
Refunds will not be issued to those who withdraw because of “double scheduling” or qualifying for any other kind of tournament other than those listed above.

In an exceptional circumstance, a player may file a written appeal for a refund to the Champions Junior Tour Executive Committee. These appeals will be reviewed on a case-by- case basis.

For typical Champions Junior Golf Tour events, a player may transfer his/her registration fee to a different event should they need to withdraw if they meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. The tournament they wish to transfer to is currently open to registration.
  2. The registration deadline for the tournament they are withdrawing from has not passed.
  3. They meet all eligibility/registration requirements for that event. (For example, a player may not transfer from an “Open” event to an Invitational if they were not previously eligible).
*Transferring sites does not guarantee a spot in the field for that event.