Age Group & Eligibility

The CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR is open to junior golfers age 17 & under who meet the minimum handicap requirements, and have distinguished themselves in local, regional, state and national competitions.

The membership eligibility requirements for the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR are as follows:

17-years old and below, the age division is based on member’s age as of the last day of a tournament.

Meet the minimum handicap requirements (see below): if a player does not have an established handicap they must obtain the certification of a IGU National Golf Academy (NGAI) Staff Member – Class A or B Professional stating that they are of sufficient skill to compete on the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR.

Membership must be renewed on an annual basis in order to remain eligible.

The CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR will be comprised of SIX (6) age divisions.
A 15-17 15 AND UNDER 

B 13-14 18 AND UNDER 

C 11-12 24 AND UNDER

D 09-10 30 AND UNDER 

E 07-08 36 AND UNDER 

F 06-07 36 AND UNDER

Further Divisions can be added during the season as and when required. (Example: Separate Girls Divisions)

Points earned in one age division transfer to another age division@50%.

Players may request to move up one age division; once a player decides to move up 
an age division they will be required to participate in that age division for the remainder of the season. However, if it becomes obvious the player does not currently possess the skills necessary to compete in an upper age division the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR Tournament Committee reserves the right to move the player back down into their proper age division.

Talented young women can compete against the boys, if they so choose. But first they must submit a letter, along with a tournament resume, to the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR Tournament Committee requesting permission. If the Committee decides a particular player is qualified, then she can compete against the boys, but must play from the same set of tee markers as they do.

The last day of each tournament is used to calculate players' ages to determine eligibility. The player's age on the last day the tournament must fall within the age division.

Juniors may not play in a CJGT event if they have reached their 18th birthday, regardless of graduation date. Juniors who have graduated high school and are enrolled in college are not eligible even if under 18 years of age. Juniors reaching their 18th birthday prior to the Tour Championship are still eligible for season-end awards and honors based on performance during the season.

All participants of the Champions Junior Golf Tour will be required to provide proof-of-age documentation. This documentation must be submitted and received by the Champions Junior Tour in order to participate in tournaments. Please direct all related questions to:
Proof-of-Age Submission Guidelines:
Please do not send any documents that need to be returned to you.

All proof-of-age documentation will be kept on file with the Champions Junior Golf Tour and will not be returned.

Acceptable Forms of Proof-of-Age Documentation:
A certified or notarized photocopy of ONE of the following documents will be acceptable only if the document is certified or notarized after the photocopy has been made:

Birth Certificate
School certificate

The Champions Junior Tour reserves the right to accept or reject any proof-of-age documentation not listed above. All proof-of-age documentation will be kept on file with the Champions Junior Tour.

We recommend that you send all of this information via a guaranteed mail service. The Champions Junior Tour is not responsible for items lost in the mail.

Please send to:
RBG, Champions Junior Golf Tour
B 36 Defence Colony, Lower ground floor,
New Delhi - 110024 INDIA

You may also sent via email: