Point System & Awards

The CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR will award performance points to the top finishers in each division at each championship. These performance points will be used to establish invitee lists for limited field events, help earn exemptions into certain tournaments, as well as to determine the Champions Junior Golf Tour “Players of the Year”. The point standings will be continually updated and made available on the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR website or mailed to all members.

The Player of the Year will be awarded in each division to the player with the most points divided by the number of tournaments they have played in, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8.

CJGT Merit Points for SINGLE DAY OPEN events
After each tournament, any player who finished in the Top 10 in his or her age division will receive CJGT Merit Points:
Place: Points: Place: Points:
1st 1500 6th 500
2nd 1000 7th 400
3rd 850 8th 300
4th 700 9th 200
5th 600 10th 100

If there are ties for a specific place, the Merit Points will be split evenly. For example, a three player tie for 4th Place would result in each player receiving 600 Merit Points (1800 total points for 4th, 5th and 6th divided evenly among three players).
Players finishing in the Top 10 in Major (Multiday), Matchplay and Tour Championships will receive double Merit Points.
Qualification for the CJGT Major Championships, matchplay and season-ending CJGT Tour Championship are based in part on Merit Point standings. There are also invitational spots.

Merit Points also allow players to qualify for other prestigious Junior Amateur events:
International / National Junior Amateur events to be announced from time to time.