Important Notice:

With effect from 1st June 2015, all tour players will need a valid IGU NHS Handicap Card. Players not in posession of this card will not be eligible to participate in any of the IGU Golf Events (Gentlemen, Ladies & Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Sub Junior & Feeder Tour).

Please visit to register for the IGU NHS Card. You will also find more information on the benefits of the centralized Handicapping System introduced by the IGU.

All participants of NZ IGU SUB JR & FEEDER TOUR can log on to the igunhs site and register and get a GHIN ID. Please speak with Aarya Tikekar at
+91 98733 50335 or and get this done.

You may register and get your GHIN ID online.

Migration from halogolf:

We would like to inform you that we have moved to All the participants who have subscribed to NHS will have to now go to to login.

Their score history and their information in terms of expiry will all remain the same. However, their usernames and passwords have temporarily been altered, to give them access to the new website.

Their new username and password on will be:

Username: username used on
Password: username used on

Please be sure to inform the existing users that their password on will not work on the new website. Once they login, they can change their password as per their convenience.

Should the existing users have any further queries or are unable to login to the new website with these instructions, request you to kindly inform them to get in touch with Aarya Tikekar at +91 98733 50335 or