The Champions Junior Golf Tour is a critical component of the Champions Golf Development Program. The Tour has the ability to introduce players to competitive environments that continually challenge their level of development, thereby ensuring their interest, development and retention in the sport.

The objective of our Tour was to encourage age group based competitions as an important step that allow both talent identification and development to occur.

CJGT encourages boys and girls under 18 years to enter in our events, whether they are members of golf clubs with handicaps or play their golf at a public golf course. This means we let you participate in our events regardless of a club membership or experience.

The Tour is designed to give junior golfers a strong competitive experience by conducting year round jr.tournaments & a mature understanding of the ethos which the rules of golf govern.

To provide the highest quality, professionally run, equal opportunities tour in a safe, friendly and fun environment that allows junior golfers to gain tournament experience.

To help every junior enjoy the sport of golf.