Tournament Policies


Once you have entered a CJGT tournament, you will receive an email confirming your entry has been received. At this present time players ARE NOT individually notified of tee times.
After the closing date, all paid entrants will be listed and a copy of the draw will be emailed to your registered email id.
Players will be responsible for calling the host facility to schedule practice rounds. The practice rounds are optional and green fees are not included in the tournament entry fee. However, the CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR will do their best to negotiate a reduced rate for practice rounds at the host facility. Practice rounds are not guaranteed and may not be available at each event.

CJGT can arrange accommodation for you close to the venue. Please mail us or call us for rates and bookings.

Registration opens approximately 60 minutes before the TEE OFF TIME. At the venue look for our CJGT registration desk and make yourself known to the CJGT Event Director.

Participants are advised to report at the registration desk a little earlier in order to avoid overcrowding.
We cannot accommodate late comers in the case of "shotgun start" format wherein various groups start from different tees at the same time ensuring that they all able to finish at the same time in order to have a full attendance at the prize distribution.

Once you have signed in, your will receive your scorecard and confirmation of your tee time and groupings. Our MANDATORY RULES CLINIC will follow this.

  • You must then proceed to the allotted tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

  • Late arrival to the tee may result in two stroke penalty or disqualification.

  • In the case of a shotgun start, the Event starter will blow a long siren to indicate start of play.
  • It is acceptable to applaud and give a warm welcome to every player.
  • Players are not required to check-in prior to Round 2.

  • Please check the Tournament Information for a schedule of events.
Caddy fee will be charged at registration. Outside caddies and parents may be allowed to caddies, but a charge will still be levied by the club and has to be deposited at registration.

Tournament yardage will vary based on the following factors: strength of field, overall difficulty of the golf course and daily weather conditions. On average, the following yardages will be used:


Players will be paired with other players in their division with the exception of divisions A&B where the players could be paired with one another. For events with multiple waves, divisions will be alternated from day one to day two. For example, if the Boys 15-17 division tees off in the morning on day one, they will tee off in the afternoon on day two. 
First round pairings will be posted on the CJGT website no later than 1 day prior to the tournament start date.

After the completion of the first round, all competitors will be regrouped (by score and within their division-with exception of divisions A&B who may be grouped together) for the second/final round. Second and/or final round parings will be available approximately 1 – 2 hours after the conclusion of the first round of play and can be found on the website, at the scoreboard, or by calling the pro shop. They may also be emailed to players and parents.

For all events:

  • Requests for starting times or specific groupings will not be accommodated.
  • Players will not be called to their tees.
  • Players shall start at the time and the order arranged unless otherwise informed by the Committee.
  • Prompt attendance is required of all players at their starting point of each round.
  • Time of starting penalties shall be consistent with Rule 6–3 and the Note to Rule 6–3 in the R&A Rules of Golf.
  • Each contestant is responsible for obtaining his/her starting time.
Starting times and pairings for individual stroke play championships will be done on a draw based on handicaps. Players could be paired with other players within a range of 5 strokes between their handicaps.

Play-offs will be conducted to decide the Tournament Champion in each division. It is the player’s responsibility to be present for any playoff. All playoffs will commence immediately after the completion of the final round.

The Champions Junior Golf Tour policy for breaking ties for 2nd place is the same as defined by the R&A in Appendix I, by matching scorecards. The method of matching cards to determine the winner will begin by using the last nine (9) holes. If the players have the same score for the last nine (9), we will use the last six (6) holes, last three (3) holes and finally the 18th hole.

If this method is used in a competition with a multiple tee start, it is recommended that the “last nine holes, last six holes, etc.” is considered to be holes 10–18, 13–18, etc. If after proceeding with this method the winner has yet to be determined, we will continue on by comparing scorecards from the 18th hole and continuing backwards by comparing the 17th hole, 16th hole, etc. until a winner has been determined.

NO SHOW - a no show (NS) is when a player does not show for a round of a tournament without contacting the Tournament Director.

NO CARD - a no card (NC) is when a player begins a tournament round and fails to return a score. Participants must return their score card to the scoring area IMMEDIATELY following the conclusion of their round. Any participant who fails to return their scorecard will receive a “No Card” for the tournament. Participants withdrawing during play of an event MUST return their score card to the scoring area and notify a Champions Junior Golf Tour official before leaving the facility; otherwise, you will be considered as a “No Card” participant.

WITHDRAWAL - a withdrawal (WD) is either before a tournament begins or between rounds of a tournament. If the player withdraws before the first round, it is not looked upon negatively. If a player withdraws between rounds, it is looked upon negatively; however, sometimes there are acceptable reasons (family emergency, injury, etc.)

DISQUALIFICATION - a disqualification (DQ) is only due to a breach of the Rules of Golf. There are many different ways a player can be disqualified.

NO SHOWS, NO CARDS, and WITHDRAWING during a tournament are serious breaches of the CJGT Tournament Policy. In some cases, a NC is not a serious breach (running out of golf balls, illness during round, emergency, etc.).

Due to the increasing amount of no shows and no cards, the CJGT has implemented a strict policy that suspends players who no show, no card, or withdraw between rounds twice in one season.

First NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - No action taken and no excuses needed.

Second NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - Player is suspended for the next three months in which CJGT tournaments are held. Player will be withdrawn from any tournaments entered into during the three-month suspension and receive the appropriate refund (see refund policy below).

Third NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - Player is suspended for remainder of season and withdrawn from any tournaments they are already entered in. The CJGT Tournament Committee reserves the right to lengthen the suspension into the next CJGT season. 
No action is taken for the first time a player doesn't finish a tournament because we understand players become ill or injured; however, it is very rare for it to happen twice in one season.

Exceptional Circumstances: The CJGT Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify or waive suspensions for exceptional circumstances. An exceptional circumstance may be, but is not limited to, providing proof that the player felt very ill during both tournaments and was unable to complete the event.

If a player purposely gets disqualified to avoid finishing a tournament, the Tournament Committee may impose a suspension. 
A player that is disqualified during a tournament is not entitled to a refund.

Individual Event: Trophies/ Plaques are awarded to the top 3 positions in each age division. Each presentation will take place after close of play. Smart golf attire is acceptable; however please do note individual venues may have an alternative dress code in place. Please enquire and check with the CJGT registration desk at every venue.

The prize presentation is a valuable part of every event; it allows players and families to mingle, socialize and is a tremendous opportunity to interact with others.

The CJGT has a very proud reputation for our friendliness and sociable side, which can often be found lacking in the junior golf world. Therefore all players are expected to stay for every presentation.

DIVISION WINNER - 2nd position
DIVISION RUNNER UP - 3rd position
Tournament Champion prize will not be eligible for an incomplete division (less than 5 entries)

The CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR reserves the right to cancel tournaments in the event of inclement weather or other incidents. The CJGT recommends checking the status of the tournament by calling the Champions Junior Golf Tour office or host facility the morning of the event. If a tournament is cancelled, members scheduled to participate in the event will be refunded the full entry fee, minus any administrative costs incurred by the Champions Junior Golf Tour. If the tournament is cancelled during play, the Champions Junior Golf Tour reserves the right to retain the full entry fee.

The policy for discontinuance of play will be consistent with Rule 6-8 of the R&A Rules of Golf. The Champions Junior Golf Tour representative in-charge, after consultation with the Committee, has the authority to order a discontinuance of play due to weather conditions. The decisions to resume, postpone, or cancel play rests entirely with the official- in-charge. Discontinuance of play for a dangerous situation will be signaled by one prolonged siren or horn note. All other types of suspension will be signaled by several short intermittent siren or horn notes.

NOTE: Players should be aware of their right to stop play at any time, even though no signal for discontinuance has been given or heard, if they feel they are in a dangerous situation. When play has been suspended for a dangerous situation all practice facilities including practice putting greens are deemed closed. The Rules Committee will notify players when these areas are to be re-opened.

The following guidelines are for use by the Committee in case of bad weather: 1. When unplayable conditions occur, play shall be suspended. When conditions thereafter become playable, play will then be resumed, even when that round cannot be completed that day. Play may be resumed the following day to include completion of the next scheduled round. It is the responsibility of each contestant to be prepared to commence play as soon as the Committee deems the course playable. Contestants are encouraged not to leave the clubhouse facility during a delay of any sort due to the unpredictability of weather conditions. 2. Every effort shall be made to finish each round as scheduled.

For typical Champions Junior Golf Tour events, a player may transfer his/her registration fee to a different event should they need to withdraw if they meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. The tournament they wish to transfer to is currently open to registration.
  2. The registration deadline for the tournament they are withdrawing from has not passed.
  3. They meet all eligibility/registration requirements for that event (For example, a player may not transfer from an “Open” event to an Invitational if they were not previously eligible).
  4. Transferring sites does not guarantee a spot in the field for that event.
In the event of a suspension, the player may submit a written account of the Code of Conduct violation to the Champions Junior Golf Tour Grievance Committee within seven (7) days of the suspension/ disqualification. The Grievance Committee will review all submitted materials, including a tournament staff account of the violation. The Champions Junior Golf Tournament committee will review grievances; all grievances must go through the appropriate channels to be considered.

Any appeals must be made in writing to the CJGT Tournament Committee at
B 36 Defense Colony, Basement, New Delhi 110024.
Appeals must be made within a week of the occurrence.

The Champions Junior Golf Tour will, at its sole discretion and upon receipt of applicable medical documentation, make reasonable accommodations for junior golfers with disabilities or chronic health conditions. Subject to applicable rules established by the host site, reasonable accommodations may include the use of a pull cart or motorized golf cart for the transportation of golf clubs and competitors during junior tour events.

It is the responsibility of the participant to know the host facility rules and regulations. The Champions Junior Golf Tour abides by all host facility rules and regulations and requires that all participants and spectators do the same.
 The Champions Junior Golf Tour will charge a Rs 500 fee for any returned checks. Playing privileges may be suspended until all fees are sufficiently paid.

The CHAMPIONS JUNIOR GOLF TOUR is accessible on the Internet at
Use your Member ID and password to log on and find the following:

  • Account information (this can be updated by the member)
  • Tournament schedules
  • Tournament changes, additions, etc.
  • Tournaments in which you are entered
  • Tournament results
  • Complete hole-by-hole statistics facility will be provided
Champions Patches are a way for you, as a player, to showcase your achievements on the Champions Junior Golf Tour. They are a form of mobile trophies that are placed on your Tour membership bag tag. The idea behind the Champions Patch is for it to be visible to any national performance manager looking to recruit players for its high performance squads.

Two colors of the Champions icon will be obtainable:
RED Champions Icon – Win
GREEN Champions Icon – Top 5 Finish

In order for our TOUR to be successful and interactive, we need assistance at times. One way that you as a volunteer can help us is by helping with small duties, i.e. marshaling or help with play day registration or tabulating scores. This may be a small part, but it remains to be an important part of the program, which ensures rule enforcement and safety. If you have the time please sign up on our volunteers list.