SCHOOL GOLF LEAGUE (North Zone Qualifier - 1)

Event Date: 
Saturday, October 7, 2017

ROMITBOSEGOLF announces its NORTH ZONE QUALIFIER - 1, for the largest School Golf League Event Nationwide with the intention to promote and popularise golf amongst schools which will catalyse interest and growth within the school system and boost participation in golf at the grassroots level.

Date: 7th October 2017
( Open to schools from Haryana /Delhi / Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand / Himachal Pradesh / Punjab / Rajasthan )

Entry to be emailed to:

A Team can play in only 1 Qualifier in the same combination.

(Played in the 9's golf format)

2 Member School Teams
(Can be comprised of 2 boys, 2 girls or 1 boy - 1 girl)
Each team members will play off their own TEE COLOUR as per the existing CHAMPIONS AGE SPECIFIC YARDAGE SYSTEM from A to F divisions.

A school can field multiple number of teams for an event.

Front 9: Both members tee off on every hole, choose the better ball and play alternate shots till they hole out.

Back 9: Both members play their own ball and hole out. The better score is counted as the team score for every hole.

Individual event: As Both members play their own ball during the back 9, that score will also be considered as their individual score for the best individual prizes.

CITY CHALLENGE: Single Day Challenge events will be held in your cities. A team in its same combination of team members cannot participate in more than 1 CITY CHALLENGE.

ZONAL CHALLENGE: 9 top ranked teams or Top 50% of Teams per division whichever is lower (plus ties) from the CITY CHALLENGES will advance into the ZONAL CHALLENGE.


NATIONAL CHALLENGE: Top 9 teams from their age divisions or Top 50% of Teams per division whichever is lower (plus ties) in the ZONAL CHALLENGE will advance into the NATIONAL CHALLENGE.

A school can field multiple 2 member teams as per divisions listed below.....


Junior Division: both members must be 13-18 years old.

Sub Jr Division: both members must be 9-12 years old.

Mini Jr Division: both members must be 8 yrs old and under.

Mixed Age Division: in case a school can't field a team within the 3 divisions then they may field a team in a mixed age division.

Example: A 15 yr old may team up with a 7 yr old or any other mixed age combinations. (This division will also be applicable when any qualifying team member changes his age division in the middle of season - the team will then be moved into this division or has the option for changing their age division)

All school teams will have to be approved by a stamped entry form from their schools along with a soft copy of their school logo which will be used on T-shirt jerseys and collaterals.

Individual Entry: Schools who only have 1 player may team up with another school and compete in the OPEN TEAM - INDIVIDUAL CATEGORY - this has been done to facilitate participation from schools who don't have more than a player but want to be part of the league. You may send us an individual entry and we will make our best effort to make your team. If not the participant will play as an individual.

The participating schools' principal / sports head will be sent an invitation to attend the event and be part of the prize distribution head table. Would be great to have a school representative at our challenges.

Entry fee per challenge is Rs 3500 per team member ( this would also include the logoed school team jersey with choice of player number.
For example a player may choose to have number 10 or 59 printed on the back of his/her jersey).

Do send the team combinations in at the earliest.

Entry to be emailed to:

Entries to be submitted by 28th September 2017 in order to be eligible for this event.


Q1. Can a team play in multiple challenges?

A1. Teams in a certain player combination can play in only one out of three events in their zone which is in their city or nearest to their city. A Different player combination from one event can participate in another.

Q2. How many teams will qualify for zonal challenges?

A2. From city challenges, the top 9 teams or top 50% of the teams (whichever is higher), plus ties in every SGL age division will qualify for the ZONAL FINALS which will be held in November - December in a venue within your zone.

Q3. How many teams will qualify for the National Challenge?

A3. The top 9 teams from the Zonal Finals or top 50% of the teams (whichever is lower), plus ties in every SGL age division will then qualify for national challenge to be held in December in Delhi NCR.

Q4. How do we enter?

A4. You may print out the form attached and get it signed by principal - scanned and emailed back to our official email address by the 28th September 2017.